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October 2013
11-String Headless Fretless Bass/Guitar
October 2013
11-String Headless Fretless Bass/Guitar
I think I can safely say this is the first 11 string headless fretless double fretboard instrument I've made. The complexity of the design definitely took some extra planning. The two fretboards are different scale lengths that are based on the same starting length. The bass side is 32", and the guitar side starts on the 5th fret, measuring roughly 24". To allow for separate fret markers on the guitar side, the edge was beveled and small block markers were inlayed along the edge. Since the small size of guitar headless tuners can be difficult to deal with, Steinberger gearless tuners were installed behind the bridge. The top is an extremel... more

Technical Specification

scale length- 32" down to 24"
number of frets- 29 bass, 24 guitar
body wood- mahogany
body back- figured bubinga
facing- burled maple
neck woods- maple, walnut, bubinga
fretboards- macassar ebony
fretlines- cherry wood
inlay- ebony and bronze pearl
bass tuning- ABM headless saddles
guitar tuning- Steinberger gearless tuners
pickups- custom Aero humbucker and singlecoils
preamp- Aguilar
wiring- dual output for splitting bass and guitar signals

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